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A family to share with you their passion for… paper!
Since 1992, the gallery has become “the” specialist in works on paper in the North of Paris.

Over the years we have enriched and refined our selection of works offered.

Today, nearly 1000 prints by the greatest masters of the 20th century as well as a selection of Japanese prints from the 19th century can be discovered on our walls in Lille-Haubourdin and Le Touquet at prices that start slowly at €50 (and there's a choice!)

  • Marc Blanquart

    After having traveled everywhere and in several professions, Marc has finally settled down at home! Thanks to his electric gaze and his open-mindedness, he brings a different perspective to the life of the gallery. Going to great lengths to unearth works or deliver work, he will welcome you with pleasure to help you discover what is hidden at the bottom of the drawers….!

  • Simon Blanquart

    L'Incartade continues!! Yves retiring, he took the time to train Simon in linen backing and poster restoration, for the greater good of our loyal customers. With a higher education diploma in hand, obtained at Saint Luc Brussels, he took up the linenbacking business. There is no doubt that his technical and artistic skills will delight you. A lover of Belgium, he lives in Brussels and is therefore close to our many collectors from Benelux. He will welcome you to his workshop in Molenbeek,by appointment only.
    Tel: 0032 456 36 31 30

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Art gallery and restoration workshop

  • Le Touquet

    L’Incartade Gallery and Estelle Lebas

    Passage de l’Hermitage,
    Place de l’Hermitage
    62520 Le Touquet - France

    (by appointment and Holidays)

  • Haubourdin

    La Passerelle, espace d’art contemporain

    20 rue du Port
    59320 Haubourdin - France

    (by appointment only)

  • Lille

    51, rue Basse
    59800 Lille - France

    (by appointment only)

  • Bruxelles

    Restoration Workshop

    Abeille blanche,
    40 quai de Mariemont
    1080 Molenbeck

    (by appointment only)