Antonio SEGUI

Year : 2018

Technic : Carborundum engraving

Size : 75 * 105 cm

Dimensions : 105x75 cm (41.34x29.53")

Certificate : Gallery

Number : E A T

Workshop : PASNIC, Paris

Editor : PASNIC


Original Print

Description :
Hand-signed with pen.

EAT,  The print for the workshop

Perfect condition


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Antonio SEGUI

Antonio Seguí is a painter, born January 11, 1934, in Córdoba, Argentina, from a family of wealthy traders.

He arrived in France in 1951 to study painting and sculpture. In 1952, he went to study in Spain. In 1957, he made his first solo exhibition in Argentina. In 1958, he made a long trip throughout South and Central America, before settling in Mexico, where he studied printmaking techniques. In 1961, he returned to work in Argentina, before leaving for Paris for good in 1963.

He now lives in Arcueil in the former property of Emile Raspail.

At the beginning of his career, influenced by artists like George Grosz or Otto Dix, he practiced an expressionist figuration from which emanated irony. Little by little, his representation evolved towards the absurd, building a kind of theater on the stage of which a man in motion frolic, seeking his place in the world.

Prank and humor supplanting existential anguish, he tries to orchestrate in his own way the hopes and follies of a human, ironic, deceptively naive and disturbing comedy.

The soldiers of the Argentinian dictatorship ended up banning him from staying: “I didn't try to attack them directly, but not very intelligent people think that when you are not with them, you are against them. "

Latin American artist, each of his works carries with it the images of the city, the night and his native country: “I settled my problems with my mother, with God, but with Cordoba, no! The city has remained as it was in my memories, and I always come back to it in a dream… ”

Using charcoal, pastel, pencil or feather, he brings to life against a background of urban agitation, a colorful and graphic world that seems to emerge from the world of comics.

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